Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Taking precautionary measures

As the United States and other countries take steps towards reopening, it’s vital to take precautionary measures whenever possible. In the United States especially, this pandemic hasn’t ended just because many states are trying to return to life before COVID-19. If travel is necessary, there are still ways to protect yourself as well as others.

The CDC has the following recommendations when traveling:

  1. Clean your hands frequently
  2. Avoid touching your face
  3. Avoid close contact with other people
  4. Wear a face covering
  5. Cover coughs/sneezes

Many of these may have already been recommended in previously published safety measures, but that doesn’t mean the importance of taking these precautions should be understated.

Travel increases your risk of getting as well as spreading coronavirus. For air travel, particularly, the CDC tells us that viruses and germs don’t spread easily on airplanes due to how the air is filtered and circulated. But, one should keep in mind that areas such as airport terminals and airplanes may make it difficult to social distance and maintain 6 ft apart from others at all times. Mayo Clinic also tells us that the CDC and Federal Aviation Administration have been providing guidelines to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

TSA and Travel Restrictions

TSA says 500 of its employees have tested positive for COVID-19

Image Source: NBC News

The TSA has also made a few changes to their screening process to keep in mind before traveling by plane. For example, travelers will place their boarding pass directly on the scanner and hold them up for inspection instead of handing it to the TSA officer. Before traveling, also remember to check state and local travel restrictions if you’re heading to an unfamiliar area and keep checking for updates during your trip.

Supplies to keep you safe

With No COVID-19 Vaccine in Sight, Here's How Air Travel Will ...

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Don’t forget to pack safe travel supplies such as face masks, disinfectant wipes, a face shield or goggles, and at least 60% concentration alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Please consider that if you’re in any of the following at-risk categories such as 65 or older or have serious health conditions such as a weak immune system, the CDC recommends avoiding nonessential air travel. Consult your doctor if you’re ever unsure about precautions to take.



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