Latest COVID Updates – July 2020

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Late July Updates


As we are about to enter the last week of July, coronavirus news continues to update across the world. According to BBC, the estimate for the number of cases as of July 25, 2020 stands at more than 16 million across 188 different countries. The first major outbreaks occurred in Europe and North America. But, as of late, cases in North America, Latin America, and Asia have been spiking. Countries where coronavirus deaths have been rising quite quickly as of late include Argentina, Colombia, India, and South Africa. Regarding the total number of global confirmed cases, the United States, Brazil, and India account for about 7.6 million. These three countries alone account for approximately half of all global confirmed cases.


Transmission of COVID in Waves


Similar to previous pandemics, the transmission of the virus often spreads in waves. Since first being detected in late 2019, countries such as Australia, Japan, Israel, and Iran have been facing a second wave where the number of cases per day has spiked for a second time. The United States has also been facing a second wave of cases as many states have begun the process to open back up starting in late May. According to the World Health Organization, the United States accounts for more than 4 million of the approximately 15.5 million confirmed global cases. The United States also accounts for more than ⅕ of confirmed global coronavirus deaths at about 145,000 of the approximately 635,000. Many state governors have now issued orders that make face coverings or masks mandatory in public spaces. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the projected total number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States could be almost 10,000 less by September 1st if the universal use of masks is mandated compared to the current projection.

By Elaine Park

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